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An Introduction to Meditation

What is Meditation?

Put simply, meditation is a process of looking inwards and of creating stillness and clarity. It is a way of getting to know our own bodies. A way of accessing our wisdom, truth and enlightenment.

Some Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are many and varied. Some of them are listed below:

1. Resting the body and mind
2. Strengthening the body and enhancing good posture
3. Improving breathing technique
4. Strengthening and toning the core abdominal and back muscles
5. Improving overall good health and boosting immunity, nourishment and healing

1. Increasing inner strength and harmony
2. Improving our emotional resilience and ability to cope
3. Getting to know ourselves better
4. Finding clarity and stillness in our busy lives
5. Increasing levels of endorphins and serotonin thus achieving a greater sense of happiness and well being

To learn more read this post.

What to expect at a Meditation Class

Whatever your health or fitness status, you can take part in one of our classes. Meditation can be carried out sitting on the floor, sitting in a chair, lying down or standing (for instance while holding a yoga pose).

Using a series of deep and deliberate, slow and smooth breathing techniques together we learn to let go of negative energy and open ourselves up to the positive.

Wisdom, enlightenment and the answers to life’s problems are within us all. Finding clarity and stillness through the gentle power of meditation help us to unlock that wisdom.

Shining Tree runs a free meditation class at 11:30am on Fridays at our West Norfolk healing and wellness centre. As a chair-class this is suitable for all regardless of fitness level, and is a wonderful introduction to the discipline of meditation.

Details of all our meditation classes can be found on the Classes page.

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