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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Therapy offers a thorough, gentle and safe internal bath of the large bowel. It involves the introduction of warm, filtered water through the rectum into the colon. This is a general detoxification and treatment of chronic gastrointestinal conditions such as I.B.S and chronic constipation.

Other conditions treated are; diarrhoea, mucous colitis, colitis, spastic colon, diverticulitis, liver sluggishness, halitosis, headaches, flatulence, haemorrhoids, skin problems, (acne, eczema and psoriasis), abdominal bloating, asthma, allergies, fatigue, many "psychological" states such as depression, lethargy etc.

Some complex conditions such as Cohn's disease, M.E and intestinal Candida are also helped by the resultant detoxifying effect of Colon Hydrotherapy. Of all the organs in the body, the colon is the largest perpetrator of disease. It is said to be the initiator of 80% of all critical illnesses. Many people suffer from constipation, lethargy, and general depletion as a normal part of life-it doesn't have to be this way. This treatment is the answer to a healthy colon, prevention of disease and a feeling of well being. Ideally we should eliminate after every meal, two or three times a day. Most people consider themselves in good working order if they have one bowel movement a day and many more do not achieve that amount with regularity. When the colon is clean we experience a feeling of well being. In effect the colon is the sewage system of the body and like any rubbish bin it is susceptible to stagnations and formation of decay and poisonous substances. Therefore it needs special care to keep the colon free of putrefaction. When this does not happen, the decay is not limited to the site of origin. It spreads rapidly to other organs, resulting in autointoxication or self-poisoning. The poisoning affects all the body's tissues and can take many forms. If the poisoning is in the brain and nervous system it makes us depressed and irritable. If in the heart, we become weak and lack energy. In the lungs it can makes us breathless and cause halitosis (bad breath), and in the stomach the toxins cause bloating. When these toxin are found in the blood and lymph systems we re sure to have a sallow, spotty and unclean looking skin and if they back up to the glands we feel tired, lacking enthusiasm and sex drive, and we look old beyond our years.

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation cannot be compared to an enema; it functions in a different manner. Enemas only empty the lower twelve inches of the 5 and a half foot colon. The colonic irrigation reaches the entire length of the colon to the ileocaecal valve; water flows out at the same time that its flows in. The process is painless, pleasant. and highly effective. It can remove the cause of chronic constipation and other diseases of the colon. The action of the water flowing in and being very gently drawn out through a very mild vacuum reminds the colon how to function on its own. Once the colon regains its memory, it knows how to eliminate properly and no longer needs treatment. It is not habit forming, nor does Colonic Hydrotherapy disturb the electrolytes balance. Pressures used are half that of the barium enemas, so it is very safe. This procedure can only be carried out by a qualified specialist practitioner.

We offer an initial appointment allowing 2 hours, which incorporates a detailed medical consultation which includes nutritional and lifestyle advice, and Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment.

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