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Feed Body, Emotions and Spirit.

August 14th, 2013

Until we are able to understand and accept that we are: bodily unaware, emotionally immature and spiritually impoverished; can we truly embark on the journey to understanding and enlightenment.

Feed To cover ourself or to be accountable to ourself? One will set us free, the other will enslave us to mediocrity

July 21st, 2013

When we “cover ourself”, we are manifesting our lower self. That of indifference, selfishness, to do the least we can. After all ,”we are not expected to come here and work”, ha ha ha ha.

To be accountable to ourself, we are manifesting our higher self. That of self respect and kindness. When we are accountable to ourself we can then be accountable to others and treat others with kindness and respect.

This is not happening in our society, our world; and definitely not in our NHS.

Our NHS is not flawed, we are flawed as a society. When we fix that , all the institutions around us will reflect that.

Come and join us for Stillness Meditation. Every Friday at 11.30 am.

Feed If you had cancer would you leave your survival to chance…….or can you be extraordinary?

February 24th, 2012

Breakfast news talked about the discovery of the genetic code of hereditary breast cancer this morning. At present patients with this dilemma can have mastectomies to prevent the cancer occurring. In the future, I am sure a “cure” for cancer and even other chronic life threatening conditions will be found,but does that mean we will all then enjoy everlasting health? I personally don’t think so.

In life, you reap what you sow; the success, achievements and life you have is a testimony of your journey . If you believe that “life is a bitch and then you die” , so be it. If you believe that life is nothing more than amassing as much material wealth as you can and getting through life with as little difficulty as possible, then so be it. Or you might feel that life is a journey for growth, understanding and enlightenment through challenging and empowering lessons; in which case having a relationship with our physical body, respecting it and maintaining it is vital for our growth. But do we?

Over two decades as a naturopathic practitioner, I consistently see patients who are completely dis empowered by the medical profession and even from complimentary practitioners. Anybody that you consult for you health who foster dependency from you and don’t teach you anything are dis empowering you. You don’t have to be qualified in anything to tell someone that they should eat healthily and exercise. But when you profess to be  qualified in conventional or complimentary medicine, then you advice must be clear,  concise, practical, achievable and effective ……..it is also not about flogging as much drugs, supplements and merchandising to vulnerable patients either.

Time and time again, patients come to me with no knowledge of what they can do to help themselves. Even with life threatening conditions like cancer, people will say that they were told that they don’t have to do anything other than follow the treatment, which would be drugs, surgery, chemo/radiotherapy.  Are we really that gullible ? Or are we just relieved that someone has given us permission to sit on our fat arses and do absolutely nothing to help ourselves. “We can’t do anything because it’s hereditary”, “The consultant said there is nothing I can do to help myself”, yeah right! Another very common displacement  is someone who has been helped with a life threatening condition, then go on to raise money tirelessly for charity…….but still not doing anything to improve themselves!!!!!!

I tell my children that I don’t care what they do in life. Whether they empty dustbins or are brain surgeons, be extraordinary, give it 120%, always be kind and be nice. If I have raised a child who is a kind and nice person, then I have succeeded as a parent. So am I saying that if you have the hereditary breast cancer gene, you shouldn’t have your breasts removed? No. Your life depends on the choices you make and the things that you do, not on the things that other people do. Don’t just listen to the “experts”. Take control, make changes in your life to improve your health. At the end of the day, whether you fail or succeed, you can hold your head high and know that you did the best you could, not the best that someone else could for you.

Be in control, be aware,make a relationship with your body, learn stillness, find joy in all that you do, look inwards rather than outwards for        happiness, be alive, but most importantly be extraordinary.



Feed S L A B

February 20th, 2012

I have an acronym that  I share with my patients and it is: S L A B

S  the inner smile, loving detachment, putting 120% effort into everything that we do but don’t take anything too seriously. Doing the best we can but don’t be a slave to success or failure. The journey is all…….success and failure is not always what we perceive it to be.

L   Awareness in the yogic locking system (root, abdominal and throat ) There is a direct relationship with the Yogic locks/ Chakras, acupuncture points of the Conception and Governor Vessel channels and the Autonomic nervous system ganglions. This is where East meets West, and I believe that using Yogic breathing awareness with my Tai Chi  enhances it from a healing prospective. It should definitely help with the nervous system . Check out the Yogic lock techniques in the following link:http://www.shiningtree.co.uk/_wp/2011/02/stir-fry-and-meditation-its-a-matter-of-technique/

A  Attitude is most important . I sincerely believe that our thoughts are energy and what goes out always comes back. Our attitude of life creates our reality. My two attitudes  are always gratitude and appreciation of all the things I have. What do I have? I have my family and people around me with whom I learn and grow with……I am a  wealthy man!

B  Breath, Prana, Qi , Vital essence, Pyscho-physiological energy.Breathing deep, breathing slow, nourishing and healing the body and mind. Breathing also means movement, non-stagnation, change and growth.

If we apply SLAB to all that we do, all will be well. Really ? Yes. But we must own it and our attitude and smile must be heartfelt and genuine.

Om Shanti



Feed Retreat feedback January 2012

February 6th, 2012

“Dear Kim and James,

It was lovely meeting you. Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for my much needed “me” time. Although brief, my stay here did teach me some valuable concepts that I will incorporate into my home routine. Keep up the good work, and I hope to return one day- perhaps with a friend.

Take care, Julie. ”

” The experience was very personal. James and Kim have a lot of knowledge to offer on more than just what was involved in the workshops and classes. I feel that I learned a lot of very important things. It was so nice to feel at home and taken care of amidst all my travels alone. I felt I was staying with family which was wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing your home, knowledge and way of life with me, /thanks for taking care of me and making me feel so welcomed in you home! Fiona. “

Feed “You can recruit “nice” people and teach them skills, but can you teach people how to be nice?”

December 23rd, 2011

We have recently had a wood pellet boiler installed  in the centre to replace the oil boiler. Those of you who also use oil know how the companies seem to charge whatever they want. Every time I make an order for oil, I almost feel violated, definitely shafted!

We were recommended to  a company called CPL to buy our wood pellet. The marketing manager David came up to see us and was really helpful, even advised us on how to create a fuel store, as we would would be needing five tonnes of pellet per delivery. From there, I was directed to the sales department and spoke to  a chap called Oliver who was in charge of ordering and delivery of pellets. After speaking to him, a day was set for delivery. The eventful day arrived and my electrician and heating engineers were all waiting for the delivery with eager anticipation. By three o’clock there was still no sign of the delivery, so I called CPL to find out when the delivery was coming . After speaking to someone who was no help whatsoever, I eventually got a call from Oliver…..apparently they couldn’t load the pellet this morning , so there was no delivery. I asked him why he didn’t call me this morning….no answer. I informed him that I have a team of people standing around who I am paying and who could have been somewhere else today. Did he care….no! I wanted a discount as compensation for what I have to pay my guys…..he said he wan’t authorised to do that. I asked to speak to his manager…..he was in a meeting; although Oliver said he would pass the message on. I felt that I would have got more help and sympathy from an Indian call centre. Eventually we did get our delivery, no discount, no apology, no acknowledgement from the manager.

Since then I have found another supplier called Billington Biofuel and spoke to  a guy called Andy McIvor. Andy was very helpful in setting up an account for us. Typically we got caught out and required an urgent delivery on the week of Christmas. No problem, Andy sorted it out and we got our delivery two day after our order was placed.

At the end of the day, it is people that matters. People that we interact with,not organisations. It really does not cost anything to be sympathetic and helpful, maybe a heartfelt sincere apology is what a customer  requires. Andy is a nice person. You can hear it in his voice and see it in his action. In me,he has gained an admirer for life. Just by me thinking about him and sharing this experience with you, his karma has changed . positivity creates positivity. Negativity and indifference creates more negativity and indifference. Niceness is unconditional, it’s like the sun, it is not selective in what it shines on.

One of my patient use to be in human resources for five star hotels. She tells me that their policy was to recruit nice people to train up, as you couldn’t train people to be nice.

In nearly thirty years of nursing, I have met  nurses who were not very nice people, at best, they were competent…..but its a job and the patient can feel it. Whereas other nurses are like angels, and besides from working very hard they really care. Every one of us wants to be treated nicely when interacting with others, so why do some people think it should only be a one way traffic?

Can horrible people become nice people? The question should be : why can’t some people be nice? Is it to do with their upbringing? Weren’t they given love and made to feel secure when they were children? Why do some people feel so small that they fear to do anything different?

I met a very lovely gentleman call Pershant many years ago, time when I was in need of spiritual guidance.  Pershant   heads  the Cambridge branch of the Bhrama Kumaris, an international spiritual organisation.  Before moving to Cambridge Pershant was a Ears, nose and throat Consultant working in London. He told me that he wasn’t a very nice person then, he was always angry, irritable; horrible to people. Then he came across the Bhrama Kumaris and was introduced to meditation…….the rest is history.

Niceness, compassion, empathy and love is our true nature. Meditate, find that stillness within, feel it, connect to it. Find your Buddha nature.

Feed The emperor’s new clothes syndrome

November 16th, 2011

Saw an advert on the TV last night. One was for a new movie system from XBox which was voice activated. While on one level, it seems very positive and a sign of progress in technology; on another level, it’s another opportunity for us to sit on our bum and do even less.

Technology should make our life easier so that we can have more time exploring and making relationships with our physical, emotional and spiritual self. Rather, it has become the golden cow that all everyone wants to worship. Materialism has become the new god to all. Brainwashing and indoctrination is so clever and subtle, you have to admire them…just see the adverts. Buddha said that life is an illusion or a dream. The story of the Emperor’s new clothes demonstrate this……. if ever body around you believe something to be true, it must be true. So how much of what we believe in is our own actual perception and how much of it is manipulation ?

So who do we blame? The bankers? The marketing gurus ( I really believe that if they wanted to, they can persuade you to eat your own baby)? Tesco?

The above is merely a reflection of a part of our own nature. So if we hate them, we are merely hating an aspect of ourselves. If we don’t want to be led and controlled then we must stop acting like sheep, we must all become shepherds- our own shepherd. When the negative aspects of ourselves are balanced by our positives aspect, then  the bankers, PR gurus. Tesco and other tyrants and manipulators will disappear like the illusions that they are.

How do we get that balance………….. you got it-meditate.

Feed When your horse dies………..you walk.

November 9th, 2011

I saw a patient today, someone that  I haven’t seen for a while. When Anne ( not her real name )first came to see me, what came across was a lovely vibrant , focused and capable  business woman who was also vivacious and fun. She was totally exhausted, burning the candle at both ends……..usual story . Through treatments,followed by two retreats at Shining Tree, she appeared to have got the message, and hopefully her life would be more balanced with the right support systems and not just work, work work.

Through a mutual friend, I was made aware of her progress, and it wasn’t good. The project that she was so passionate about crashed and burned, taking with it  all her savings. The free lance work that she did successfully also seemed to have dried up, probably not helped by her dis-illusionment   about life in general. Like most dramas in life , this was compounded by two failed relationships .

My friend rang me this morning, and said that Anne had stayed overnight at his and had a severe backache and could I see her for a treatment in his place. Interesting to think that he rang up for her and will pay for her treatment, because he is a generous, lovely man. Why didn’t Anne suggest the treatment herself? Was she really that hard up that she couldn’t afford to book a treatment for herself? Was she embarrassed to see me?

It was lovely to see Anne again. She did look tired, almost a shell of the person that I first met. Typical exhaustion symptoms- aches and pain, tiredness and lethargy. Those  who knows me,knows that I do  a lot of nagging as part of my treatment, I justify this by telling patients that if I didn’t care,about them, I wouldn’t bother to nag;  just save my breath and take the money. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus…..so it is said. Well, a lot of the time my advice is generally Martian in nature, sometimes people need to be told where to get off; I don’t mind someone letting off steam now and again, but if the person goes on and on repeatedly about the same issue, then martian know-how is definitely required.

Anne told me that she was ready now to start again and she was even going to cut her hair short as a symbol of a new beginning. She wanted to get her health back and become a therapist to help others and was considering doing an NLP course to get the ball rolling. I commended her for wanting to get well and to share her knowledge with others, after all that is what my own journey is all about. However, I reminded her that she already had all the knowledge she needed from all the treatments, and retreats she had experienced at Shining Tree. She has in-depth understanding of theory and practice of nutrition, Yoga, Qigong and meditation. That is the same knowledge base from which I try to live my life and share with my patients and students.Why do you want to learn anything else? I asked her. It seems that a lot of us has this tendency to be like butterflies, flying around from one thing to another, never achieving anything, only to find out later that we had it all along.

I said to Anne that even if she was given a lot of material wealth tomorrow, or maybe . the project that failed so miserably for her had succeeded, she still would not be happy. Our happiness come from our inner wealth. When we have that, then our external environment will reflect this, be it relationhips,work or material wealth. As long as we have enough external and material wealth to live on, why do we need more? If there is uncertainty in our lives, what do we do? We meditate and look inwards for the answers. Wouldn’t it be boring if we cruised through life without making any mistakes? We’d never learn anything!

Anne seemed to take on board what I shared with her. ” I just need to get back on the horse” she said to me with her normal verve and enthusiasm. No, I replied. There is a Chinese proverb which goes: when your horse dies…..you walk, I told Anne. “Don’t get back on the horse, in fact, don’t rely on any horse.Walk on your own two feet. Rely on yourself, meditate , find that inner wisdom”.

Feed New beginners Yoga class

September 27th, 2011

New beginners Yoga class starting 30th September 7pm -8.30pm.run by Kim.

Please get in touch with Kim for info and to join( all existing students welcome).

Feed An impression from our October retreat

November 9th, 2010

I have really enjoyed my time at Shining Tree, I really feeel like you have both worked with the condition I have and made things better for me through treatments, advice and classes we have done.

When I arrived I was very down and at abit of a loss about how I was feeling, but following my consultation with Kim, I felt that someone finally understood what was going on with my body and what I needed to do to make it better. The advice and support Kim has given mehas been so very much appreciated and has shown me that there are ways of positively improving my health and diet.

Every consultation and treatment has been so beneficial and I have taken something away from each session. I plan to continue with the Yoga and Qigong.

James’ cooking has been fantastic and so enjoyable and I really like hoe during our cooking sessions, he spoke us through  everything and got us to participate.

Overall I feel that the retreat has helped me to understand me more and my body and what I put in my body. James and Kim, you made me feel so welcome and I loved staying at your home. I felt happy, contented and relaxed during my stay.

Thank you so much for everything, it really has been appreciated and I know it will help me to move forward.

M, October 2010

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