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Feed Feedback from June retreat 2014

June 2nd, 2014

Clinical therapies

Fabulous. Highlight as my shoulder is so much better. Didn’t expect that.

Yoga, Qigong and Meditation classes

Very informative and interesting. Different perspective from gym mentality which is solely aimed at getting the body into strange positions. Now I know why I am doing these positions and more.

Preparing the main meal of the day

Best bit. Rather than just mindlessly stuffing it in, you can appreciate it.

Did you get from the retreat what you wanted?

YES.I feel able to face the world & life’s challenges again now.

Feed Retreat feedback from Spring 2013

June 10th, 2013

1. Accommodation

“Comfortable and peaceful”

“Comfy, warm, peacefully relaxing”

“Comfortable, clean, warm, happy”

“Very comfortable. I had everything I needed”

2. Clinical therapy programme

“Therapies were tailored around my needs and were relaxing- Kim and James knew exactly what would suit me.”

“The improvements was instant. I felt healed and the effect will stay with me for a long time”

“Very personal”

“I now know the nutritional values of food and juices. I also know a lot more about my body and what it needs. I feel the Colon Hydrotherapy benefited me a great  deal”

3. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation

“Learnt some useful techniques to take away with me”

“Very good and well explained”

“Enlightening, challenging and very interesting”

“Educational, relieving”

“I loved all the classes. I realise what I have been doing wrongly at my yoga classes at the moment and want to learn more about Tai Chi. I feel more balanced.

4. Food and food preparation”

“Wonderful. James is an amazing cook”

“Very tasty, I was introduced to new and yummy food. good for my health and mind. Inspiring, interesting and fun.”

“Yummy and abundant”

“absolutely delicious. It had the added bonus that I knew what I was eating and how it had been prepared”


General comments

“Thank you for the most amazing experience and for sharing your knowledge with me. I could have stayed alot longer. I didn’t know what to expect and came with an opened mind and heart and feel I have learnt new things and a better way of living. Hope to see you again very soon”

“Kind, warm, informative, gentle,healing, enlightening, rich- I feel enriched in all my senses, taste, sounds, smells,feel and eye opening. I got much more than I ever wanted or expected”

” You are both so kind. Your efforts are clear in your action. This was a joy to see and experience & being a part of the happiness with you. The meditation and Yoga was fantastic. The Tai chi was fun.”

“It was a lovely 4 days. I enjoyed being by myself. I loved the food and felt it was for specific needs. The location, grounds especially are fantastic. Kim and James were so helpful and did everything needed. I loved the classes and Kim taught me so much about the food I ate and should eat.                                                                                                                                      I will definitely recommend the retreat to all at my yoga class.”

Feed Retreat feedback January 2012

February 6th, 2012

“Dear Kim and James,

It was lovely meeting you. Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for my much needed “me” time. Although brief, my stay here did teach me some valuable concepts that I will incorporate into my home routine. Keep up the good work, and I hope to return one day- perhaps with a friend.

Take care, Julie. ”

” The experience was very personal. James and Kim have a lot of knowledge to offer on more than just what was involved in the workshops and classes. I feel that I learned a lot of very important things. It was so nice to feel at home and taken care of amidst all my travels alone. I felt I was staying with family which was wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing your home, knowledge and way of life with me, /thanks for taking care of me and making me feel so welcomed in you home! Fiona. “

Feed Shining Tree Retreat feedback December 2011

January 2nd, 2012
  1. How did you find the accommodation at Shining Tree?   Homely,comfortable,warm,real, natural



  1. a). Did the clinical therapies you received meet with all your needs ? and b). did we tailor make a programme for you specifically? Yes to treatments.  Have been exactly what I needed, without my knowing exactly what I needed. I include the food as a treatment. My particular experience has been much bespoke treatment.



  1. How did you find the Yoga, Qigong & Meditation classes that you at Shining Tree? I wanted a robust yoga retreat when I arrived- and I leave with an enormous gift of meridian yoga. Gentle, strong & harmonious. I have been learning the Qigong stances- Embracing the one, Golden tortoise and Golden plates.



  1. Do you think that you have gained enough knowledge to continue the practice of Qigong, Yoga and Meditation at home? Its a start and I’ll include what I know into my morning practise. I will definitely seek out more qigong in London.



  1. How was the food? Awesome.







  1. Do you think you have gained enough nutrition and cooking experience to continue what you have learnt here? Yes, sprouting, soaking, humus, puddings.



  1. Did you enjoy our pool and sauna area? Loved it. – Right temperature, – never too busy, -great for relaxing.


  1. Did you enjoy our woodland gardens? Yes. The tinsel in the tree, the caravan, the incredible sunset while drinking tea in the garden.



  1. We would be grateful if you would give us a general account of your impression and experience while at Shining Tree. A gentle and healing experience I would like to support and share- especially with my father. Thank you for your wisdom and generosity,


Feed Feedback from September retreat

September 27th, 2011

“Fantastically amazing! Much more than what I anticipated! The experience was priceless! You both are amazing human beings with so much compassion and love for all things. It was a great part of my journey! Thank you   Om Santi   xxx  ”

“Your passion and knowledge shines through- a truly lovely & educational 4 days x”

Feed Feedback from our last two weekend retreats

September 6th, 2011

“My therapies exceeded expectations- in time, quality and variety of techniques…….each of our treatments wereclearly tailor-made with thought and care for our individual problems”

“Peaceful, agreeable, excellent care. I am particularly impressed by the loving care and concern manifested by both Kim and James throughout our stay (a good 50 hours)- and their understanding of J’s condition and sympathetic treatment of him. Very many thanks, heartfelt to you both”

J & A,  Sept 2011

“I recieved a warm welcome and immediately felt relaxed. It was definitely a holistic weekend, wearing together diet,lifestyle, tai chi,yoga, meditation and therapy in a lovely environment.

There was a real positive energy about the place that offered me a space to just be and also a sense that it was important to carry this forward in my daily life.. I came away not just with the resolve to adjust my lifestyle, but with the confidence and understanding of how to do it. Thank you!”

Sally, Aug 2011

Feed Feedback from march retreat

April 1st, 2011

James and Kim are the shining lights and which the whole experience evolves- they are warm, friendly, helpful and really care so they go the extra mile, again very therapeutic. The facilities are excellent and the treatments too. I felt an immediate improvement in my health and was able to begin detoxifying and healing. I got lots of well needed rest and the whole experience was a great balance between activity and rest.

Feed Feedback from February retreat

March 1st, 2011

Very enjoyable, relaxing and calming weekend. Felt very comfortable with the facilities as a positive & welcoming approach. Treatments were brilliant and felt I benefited from them all. Food was also superb and it was great to learn.

Also good that what is advertised on the website & leaflet is true to what you get. Thanks for a great weekend.


February 6th, 2011
I love the approach of this retreat. Friendly, warm, intimate. It was not clinical or commercial and the fact that you (Kim & James) run everything, you really get to know everyone and relax.
The treatments were all great and taught me a lot as did the cooking sessions.
There was a great balance of activities, treatments and free time. I feel well rested and my mind feels much calmer!
Thank you very much x

Feed Impressions from our November retreat

December 3rd, 2010
Had a fabulous time. It has made me more aware of my body, the difference between the left and right sides. Also the effect of the body of what you put into it. You are both committed to helping people, it is brilliant to see. The mix of classes and treatments was perfect.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion.
I have found the whole experience very positive and calming & allowed me time to think about making some positive changes to my lifestyle. Your committment to what you are showing us shines through and I love the linkages ( cause & effect) . Like your sense of humour and grounding too. Thank you for the experience.
I have found it a very enjoyable experience. Excellent for recharging the batteries and very instructive in a healthy way of living. There is a general feeling of being nutured. James have a way of being very presentduring the one to one therapy sessionsmaking one feel special. Having a small number of guests gives a cosy, freindly atmosphere and more chances for personal attention if needed. I have loved the time I have spent here and it is certainly excellent value for money!
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