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Feed Feedback from May retreat

May 29th, 2014

“The therapies exceeded my expectations. The salt glow massage was very relaxing and helped me reconnect and focus on my breathing. Hydrotherapy was a very good choice”.

“I have started with great teachers here, I will need to find a Tai Chi school when I return. I have a basis for standing and breathing &thinking about incorporating Tai Chi in my daily life”.

“I am already thinking of a return visit. Shining tree has been an oasis of thought and space for me”.

Feed Shining Tree Foods Pan braised chicken drumsticks with five spice.

May 29th, 2014









1. Marinate drumsticks with 5 spice marinate ( garlic, ginger, raw cane sugar, 5 spice powder, spring onions, sesame oil , dark soya sauce, sea salt, white pepper and cornflour )

2. Pan fry gently until brown. Add stock – made up of water and the residual of the marinate. Cover, reduce heat to braise .












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