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Feed Do you need a panel of “experts” to tell you that you should treat the elderly with dignity and compassion?

February 29th, 2012
Do you need a panel of "experts" to tell you that you should treat the elderly with
dignity and compassion?
It seems that "care" staff in the NHS do.

In my nursing journey, we were low paid ,not academic, and the reason to become a
nurse was to care for people.Nowadays it is a profession and career. Nurses with
degrees do not want to clean up shit......if they do they they can't do it with
love or consistently for a whole shift. Modern nurses today are generally too fat
and unhealthy to work physically hard for eight to twelve hours! Meoww!!

We used to have the odd degree nurses in the 1980s, the general opinion was that
they didn't want to get there hands dirty and wanted to become managers..how prophetic.

One of my patient who was working in recruitment in a top hotel said the following:
"We recruit "nice" people to train,you can't train people to be nice"
It is only when you have respect, compassion and love for yourself that you can
feel those emotions for other people. It is the society we live in which shapes
our attitude. We live in a highly materialistic & selfish society, manipulated by
powerful organisations to stay shallow and selfish......captive audience.We are now
just a flock of sheep there to be exploited for their gain. I didn't have a tent
 outside St Pauls, honest!!

Our true budhha nature is that of compassion and love and empathy.
So come on you fat, unhealthy and ingorant nurses. come to Shining
Tree and find your true nature.
Meditation every Friday 11.30am. It's free......no catch!!


Feed If you had cancer would you leave your survival to chance…….or can you be extraordinary?

February 24th, 2012

Breakfast news talked about the discovery of the genetic code of hereditary breast cancer this morning. At present patients with this dilemma can have mastectomies to prevent the cancer occurring. In the future, I am sure a “cure” for cancer and even other chronic life threatening conditions will be found,but does that mean we will all then enjoy everlasting health? I personally don’t think so.

In life, you reap what you sow; the success, achievements and life you have is a testimony of your journey . If you believe that “life is a bitch and then you die” , so be it. If you believe that life is nothing more than amassing as much material wealth as you can and getting through life with as little difficulty as possible, then so be it. Or you might feel that life is a journey for growth, understanding and enlightenment through challenging and empowering lessons; in which case having a relationship with our physical body, respecting it and maintaining it is vital for our growth. But do we?

Over two decades as a naturopathic practitioner, I consistently see patients who are completely dis empowered by the medical profession and even from complimentary practitioners. Anybody that you consult for you health who foster dependency from you and don’t teach you anything are dis empowering you. You don’t have to be qualified in anything to tell someone that they should eat healthily and exercise. But when you profess to be  qualified in conventional or complimentary medicine, then you advice must be clear,  concise, practical, achievable and effective ……..it is also not about flogging as much drugs, supplements and merchandising to vulnerable patients either.

Time and time again, patients come to me with no knowledge of what they can do to help themselves. Even with life threatening conditions like cancer, people will say that they were told that they don’t have to do anything other than follow the treatment, which would be drugs, surgery, chemo/radiotherapy.  Are we really that gullible ? Or are we just relieved that someone has given us permission to sit on our fat arses and do absolutely nothing to help ourselves. “We can’t do anything because it’s hereditary”, “The consultant said there is nothing I can do to help myself”, yeah right! Another very common displacement  is someone who has been helped with a life threatening condition, then go on to raise money tirelessly for charity…….but still not doing anything to improve themselves!!!!!!

I tell my children that I don’t care what they do in life. Whether they empty dustbins or are brain surgeons, be extraordinary, give it 120%, always be kind and be nice. If I have raised a child who is a kind and nice person, then I have succeeded as a parent. So am I saying that if you have the hereditary breast cancer gene, you shouldn’t have your breasts removed? No. Your life depends on the choices you make and the things that you do, not on the things that other people do. Don’t just listen to the “experts”. Take control, make changes in your life to improve your health. At the end of the day, whether you fail or succeed, you can hold your head high and know that you did the best you could, not the best that someone else could for you.

Be in control, be aware,make a relationship with your body, learn stillness, find joy in all that you do, look inwards rather than outwards for        happiness, be alive, but most importantly be extraordinary.



Feed S L A B

February 20th, 2012

I have an acronym that  I share with my patients and it is: S L A B

S  the inner smile, loving detachment, putting 120% effort into everything that we do but don’t take anything too seriously. Doing the best we can but don’t be a slave to success or failure. The journey is all…….success and failure is not always what we perceive it to be.

L   Awareness in the yogic locking system (root, abdominal and throat ) There is a direct relationship with the Yogic locks/ Chakras, acupuncture points of the Conception and Governor Vessel channels and the Autonomic nervous system ganglions. This is where East meets West, and I believe that using Yogic breathing awareness with my Tai Chi  enhances it from a healing prospective. It should definitely help with the nervous system . Check out the Yogic lock techniques in the following link:http://www.shiningtree.co.uk/_wp/2011/02/stir-fry-and-meditation-its-a-matter-of-technique/

A  Attitude is most important . I sincerely believe that our thoughts are energy and what goes out always comes back. Our attitude of life creates our reality. My two attitudes  are always gratitude and appreciation of all the things I have. What do I have? I have my family and people around me with whom I learn and grow with……I am a  wealthy man!

B  Breath, Prana, Qi , Vital essence, Pyscho-physiological energy.Breathing deep, breathing slow, nourishing and healing the body and mind. Breathing also means movement, non-stagnation, change and growth.

If we apply SLAB to all that we do, all will be well. Really ? Yes. But we must own it and our attitude and smile must be heartfelt and genuine.

Om Shanti



Feed What is Shining Tree

February 13th, 2012

“One seeing is worth a thousand reading”   –  a Chinese proverb

We get people coming into Shining Tree asking what we do. I hope that this little effort captures the essence which is Shining Tree.

Another way of answering the questions is……”you are Shining Tree”.


Feed Retreat feedback January 2012

February 6th, 2012

“Dear Kim and James,

It was lovely meeting you. Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for my much needed “me” time. Although brief, my stay here did teach me some valuable concepts that I will incorporate into my home routine. Keep up the good work, and I hope to return one day- perhaps with a friend.

Take care, Julie. ”

” The experience was very personal. James and Kim have a lot of knowledge to offer on more than just what was involved in the workshops and classes. I feel that I learned a lot of very important things. It was so nice to feel at home and taken care of amidst all my travels alone. I felt I was staying with family which was wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing your home, knowledge and way of life with me, /thanks for taking care of me and making me feel so welcomed in you home! Fiona. “

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